Tuesday, July 15, 2008

National Crime Prevention Council

Most of us can remember the days of McGruff the Crime Dog, which was originally created by the AdCouncil and Saatachi and Saatchi in 1979 when they were called Dancer Fitzgerald Sample. Despite generating fear within communities McGruff has lived on through many generations.

Today I saw an online ad for the National Crime Prevention Council, and I
questioned how relevant a non-profit organization like this is today.

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In 2008 we get topics like bullying; pathetic wastes of ad space and money. This is all common sense stuff, but for our quick reference the National Crime Prevention Council posted tips on this and a wonderful list of other topics.

Couldn't all the information just be posted online, project done, for people to read? Do we need ads, costing millions of dollars, directing consumers to provide relevance for this council? The money that funds this organization could probably be better used for starvation, cancer research, actual police, or the laundry list of worthwhile causes.

The NCPC is a perfect example of something that has run it's course. Like Brett Favre.


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